Korea (2012-2014)

From the beginning to the end of my Korean adventure (October 2012 – May 2014).


Pics: October-early November: English Village, Paju, and my first time in Seoul
Blog entry 10-9: Day 1: New Job, New Adventure
Blog entry 10-10: It’s the Little Things
Blog entry 10-11: Koreans Don’t Sweat
Blog entry 10-13: What’s Your Blood Type?
Blog entry 10-14: Heart and Seoul
Blog entry 10-15: Laundry
Blog entry 10-17: TGIT! (Thank God It’s Tuesday)
Blog entry 10-18: Friday Is the New Monday
Blog entry 10-20: Fried Brains
Blog entry 10-22: Rain, Rain, Go Away
Blog entry 10-25: I Have Korean Friends!
Blog entry 10-29: The Weekend Blues
Pics: November: Birthdays and Thanksgiving
Blog entry 11-1: Pay Day
Blog entry 11-4: It’s Starting to Feel Like Home
Blog entry 11-6: Have You Seen My Kimbap?
Blog entry 11-8: I Would Like Some Black People, Please.
Blog entry 11-11: Happy Bbepero Day!
Blog entry 11-15: Seoul Lantern Festival
Blog entry 11-21: My Korean Birthday
Blog entry 11-25: Solo in Seoul
Blog entry 11-29: Hangeul
Blog entry 11-30: SNOW
Pics: December: Around English Village
Blog entry 12-5: Winter in Korea
Blog entry 12-8: White Weekend
Blog entry 12-11: Too Cold for Fall
Blog entry 12-15: English Village Never Closes
Blog entry 12-18: Glenn: My Christmas Present!
Blog entry 12-20: Election Day
Pics: Christmas: Glenn’s arrival and Christmas at English Village
Blog entry 12-27: Christmas in Korea


Pics: January: Glenn’s first time in Seoul
Blog entry 1-9: Korea 2013
Blog entry 1-11: English Village in the News
Blog entry 1-17: My Korean Hospital Adventure
Blog entry 1-23: Back to Normal
Pics: February: EV’s Pre-MBA Program
Blog entry 2-2: Just Another Week at English Village
Blog entry 2-3: My Seoulmate
Blog entry 2-8: The VIP of SP
Pics: February: Namsan Hanok Village festival for Seollal
Blog entry 2-20: Seollal: The Lunar New Year
Pics: February: Gwen’s Birthday
Pics: March: Heyri Art Village
Blog entry 3-4: Is It Spring Yet?!
Pics: March: Thai student program – field trip to Seoul
Blog entry 3-19: An Atypical Week at English Village
Blog entry 3-31: Koreaster
Pics: April: Playing hooky to go to Insadong and Namsan Tower/Seoul Tower
Blog entry 4-15: Spring Has Not Yet Sprung
Pics: April: Glenn’s rugby tournament in Shanghai
Blog entry 4-28: English Culture in Korea and China
Blog entry 5-1: Glenn Goes to Shanghai
Pics: May: Long-term university student program
Blog entry 5-13: At Least It’s Not the Coronavirus
Blog entry 5-23: The Long Road to Recovery
Pics: June: Teigen’s Birthday in Ilsan
Blog entry 6-29: I’m Back!
Pics: June: Odusan Observatory in Paju
Blog entry 6-29: Military Week, the DMZ, and More
Pics: July: Date night in Ilsan and Tina’s goodbye party
Blog entry 7-7: Finally Having Fun in Korea
Blog entry 7-15: Rainy Season in Korea
Pics: July: Chinese cookie commercial shoot and Weekend Band performance
Blog entry 7-26: Dragonflies
Pics: August: Waygoofin’: EV’s comedy improv team performance
Blog entry 8-1: Vacation Intensive Program at English Village
Blog entry 8-3: Maybe it’s Time to Leave Korea…?
Blog entry 8-10: It Finally Feels Like Summer
Pics: August: Dhaval visited us in Korea
Blog entry 8-18: A Friend Comes to Seoul
Pics: August: Glenn’s Birthday
Blog entry 9-2: Glenn’s Birthday
Pics: September: Trip to the Philippines
Blog entry 9-12: Vacation Time
Blog entry 9-30: Land of the Everlasting Smile
Pics: October: Canadian Thanksgiving
Blog entry 10-7: A Year in Korea
Blog entry 10-14: Celebrating Thanksgiving in Korea
Blog entry 10-17: Severance Hospital? Never Again!
Blog entry 10-26: English Village in Autumn
Pics: November: My birthday in Busan
Blog entry 11-6: Apologies
Blog entry 11-13: An EVentful Month
Blog entry 11-13: Update
Blog entry 11-19: My Busan Birthday
Pics: December: Trip to Japan
Blog entry 12-6: From “Annyeong” to “Konnichiwa!”
Blog entry 12-26: Osaka, Kyoto, and Fukuoka


Blog entry 1-17: Korea 2014
Blog entry 1-26: North Korea Lands a Man on the Sun
Pics: February: Trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and Shanghai
Blog entry 2-8: Another Winter in Korea
Blog entry 3-2: Traveling in Thailand, Cambodia, and Shanghai
Pics: April: Final months before leaving Korea
Blog entry 4-9: The EVer-changing English Village
Blog entry 4-20: A Ferry Sad Week
Blog entry 4-23: Black and Yellow
Blog entry 4-Saying Goodbye to Paju English Village
Pics: May: On the way home from Korea: Honolulu, Hawaii
Blog entry 6-7: Reflections on Korea
Blog entry 8-1: Korea: A Closed Chapter


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