Danny, Erika, and Glenn

‘Tis the season… for hurricanes! Tropical Storm Danny broke up before it hit Puerto Rico, but Tropical Storm Erika wreaked some havoc across the island. Erika had started out as a category 2 hurricane and was downgraded to tropical storm by the time it reached the island. It came the night of Glenn’s birthday.

Glenn turned 35 on August 27th. We both worked that day, but I was able to get up early enough to bake his birthday cake. Every year he asks for the same kind: yellow cake with chocolate frosting. He had received several cards and packages in the mail from various family members, and I put it all into a pile for him to open. He woke up as the cake was finished baking, so he decided to have a fresh slice of it with his morning coffee, and open his presents at the same time. It worked out well, because we were both relatively free in the morning and got busier throughout the day. I had ordered spices imported from Ethiopia, and I made him some of his favorite Ethiopian dishes for his birthday dinner. That night, the storm came.

Friday and Saturday, we were without power and Internet. That means I couldn’t teach my lessons, nor could I do most of my homework as two of my classes are online this semester. Power came back Saturday night, but went off Sunday morning. It came back on Monday, but went off again Tuesday morning. I had to miss a couple of lessons on Tuesday, but I was able to go to Glenn’s studio and use the Internet there to do some homework. Later, we came home to this in our hallway:

photo(11) photo(10) photo(12)

Yeah. A pipe had burst in the ceiling and we didn’t have water all day. The good news is that they repaired it quickly.

Since Glenn’s birthday weekend was ruined by Erika, we had to finish celebrating this weekend. I took Glenn to the Grand Bahia Ocean View Hotel in Cabo Rojo where we bought day passes and spent the day at their pool.

photo(13) photo(8) photo(9)photo(7)

It’s a hard life, isn’t it? 🙂

So, we are officially done celebrating Glenn’s birthday. Now it’s back to the routine, which hopefully does not include any more storms!

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