Mango Street

I don’t know the name of the little road that connects 102 with the neighborhood behind our apartment, but I’ve started calling it “Mango Street” because it’s been covered in–you guessed it–mangoes. It’s spring now and everything is in full bloom (yes, Puerto Rico has seasons, too). Our apartment is right next to a river, and along the river are mango trees, and when the mangoes are ripe, they fall off the trees and get scattered all over the ground. The street had been covered in them (including smashed ones), which drew the horses right into the middle of the street, but one day I saw an old man picking them all up. The street is completely clear now, but the grass along the riverbank is still full of mangoes. Glenn has managed to grab several of them for us (they are way more delicious than the store-bought ones, which probably are not organically grown) but he’s been too chicken to try and pick them off the only tree that is accessible to us, because it’s guarded by a giant iguana the size of a small dog.

It’s been a rainy spring so far. It rained a lot this winter (which, I’m told, is unusual for Puerto Rico) and then we had about 3 weeks go by without any rain from the end of April through early May. Since then, it’s been raining every day, though most days the rain doesn’t start until around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. At least the rain has kept things a bit cooler than at the start of the month. We are trying to resist using the AC because of how expensive it is, but we know that June-September will be brutal without it.

Spring, rain, mangoes… yes, I’m enjoying the “little” things in life. It’s because I’m finally feeling relaxed after an intense couple of months of homework. I officially handed in my last assignment of the semester this week, and now I’m recovering by doing absolutely nothing! I’ve just been sitting back, observing, and taking in the world around me. Knowing me, that will get boring after a few days, but for now, it’s a necessary mental break.

My last post was exactly one month ago, a couple of weeks after Easter. It seems like a lifetime ago! The first weekend in May, I flew home for my brother’s wedding–quite a whirlwind of a trip. May 7th marked the one-year anniversary of our leaving Korea. If Easter feels like a lifetime ago, Korea feels like 100 lifetimes ago. This time last year, we had left Korea, spent a week in Hawaii, and were enjoying some down-time in Ontario with Glenn’s family. I could not have imagined at that point what my life would be like now, one year later, living and studying in Puerto Rico. Although we are still financially strained, we both agree that we have never been happier.

I’ve got two weeks off before my June class starts. I’m not exactly looking forward to taking another class so soon, but it’s only for the month of June, and after that, I’ll have six weeks off before fall semester. Fall! How about summer?! Time just refuses to stand still, doesn’t it?

I think I’ll go have a mango before my next lesson….

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2 Responses to Mango Street

  1. Marian La russo says:

    Dearest Rachel, loved the description of the mangos. Years ago, when we were in Hawaii, I rememberpicking up mangos as we walked along.  Always so sweet…….and….just the other nite on the cookingchannel, one of the chefs made a dip using mangos that she chopped very finely and cream cheese.Mixed together she said it was “de-lish”.   So if you like dip (not dippy people), you can try it. She, also,said you could mix in baby shrimp but I know that is not for you……..Enjoy the warm weather.  Here in Hurley, middle of May, it is 55 out.  Brrrrrrrrr……….If you come down here with Glenn’s parents getting back will be easy. Just take a bus here in Kingston,get off the bus at the Port Authority in NY and grab a shuttle to the airport……..WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH.  Love to both of you……GmaOh, Tomorrow I am sending out a package so be on the lookout…………………………..

  2. Laura says:

    Hey Rachel – since you have some time off, would you like to finally get together? Do dinner or something?

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