Felices Pascuas

I’m almost a month late, but Felices Pascuas (Happy Easter)! Glenn and I have both been indescribably busy (I with school, he with his studio) and I didn’t get around to blogging about our Easter.

Well, let’s see… I guess I don’t have much to say after all. The Friday before Easter, we had our friends over and dyed eggs together (check my Photos page to see what we did). The rest of the weekend, I spent every free minute working on my assignments. Easter day was just a regular day for me.

It hasn’t been too eventful since then. The only excitement is that today our water was shut off around 10am. They are doing construction outside and needed to turn the water off in our whole area. It’s 8pm and it still isn’t back on. I went to Glenn’s bootcamp class at the gym, and we figured that the water would be back on by the time we got home. It wasn’t. I REALLY need to shower….

It’s getting hot again; daytime temperatures hover in the lower 90s and at night, it’s around 80 degrees (F). Imagine sweating all day and not being able to take a shower.

This time last year, I broke my finger. To celebrate this anniversary, I dropped a 5-lbs. weight on my foot the other day, which hit my shin on the way down. It did not tickle.

The next few weeks will be intense as I do end-of-semester projects as well as some long-term things I’ve been working on: a research proposal and an article, which I hope to get published. I wish I had summer break to look forward to, but I’m registered for a summer course that will be 5 days a week for the entire month of June (and for which I have to give up 3 lessons every day to take).

I don’t want my blog to only be about my homework, so I’ll end this now and update again after the semester is finished.

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One Response to Felices Pascuas

  1. shaunwebb says:

    UPDATE!!!! 😀 Glad to see you guys are keeping it strong. 🙂

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