Never a Dull Moment

I would like to thank everyone who sent me messages of concern regarding the Nissan. I haven’t heard anything more from the cops, so I assume that everything has been taken care of. I just hope they find the current driver so that (s)he can be brought to justice.

My friend, Melvin, from high school came to visit last week. He was here Monday night through Thursday morning, and since Glenn has his studio now, I decided that it was my turn to play host and I ended up rescheduling my lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday until later in the week. I taught only my earliest lessons and spent the rest of the two days showing Mel around. I picked him up Monday night from the Mayagüez airport, which I had never been to before and is only 15 minutes away from our place. I got a bit lost on the way because there were no signs whatsoever after the first one at the turn off of route 2. I had to use Google maps on my phone because it was off a turn that was unlabeled and looked like an unlit dirt road through the jungle. Actually, that’s basically what it was. I finally made it to the airport (Mel’s flight was delayed anyway, so it didn’t matter that I was a bit late) and there was nobody there. It’s a dinky little airport and I guess it doesn’t get much traffic – especially on a Monday night.

Glenn and I took Mel to dinner in Rincón at our favorite spot, Villa Cofresí. I took him to Rincón again on Tuesday and we spent most of the day at the beach.


Tuesday night, Glenn and Mel wanted Krispy Kreme donuts, so instead of going downtown to see colonial Mayagüez like I had planned, we went to the mall and they ate donuts (I didn’t!).

Wednesday, I took Mel down to Cabo Rojo. We spent a few hours at Playa Sucia (the beach there) and hiked up to the lighthouse. That evening, I had class and Mel came with me to San Germán. It rained all evening and I was worried that Mel would be bored sitting at a cafe instead of being able to walk around while I was in class (6-9pm). It turned out that the cafe was celebrating an anniversary, and there was live music and free food all night. As it turned out, I was more bored than he was!


Since I had rescheduled the majority of my lessons to Thursday and Friday, I couldn’t see Mel off to the airport Thursday morning. Glenn didn’t have any clients until the evening, so he took Mel to the airport. I had to teach 10 hours on Thursday and 7 on Friday. Thankfully, my Japanese students cancelled their lessons and I had Friday evening free to do homework. I missed two days of homework since Mel was here, and now I’m playing catch-up this weekend.

Since I also missed my Thursday workout, I decided to go to the gym today after I finished teaching. When I got home, the power was off and didn’t show signs of coming back on after I had waited a while. Well, when your schoolwork is all online, the internet is rather important. I didn’t want to waste any more time, and I left Glenn at home again and went to a cafe to use their wifi. I discovered on the way there that the power was out in all of Mayagüez as none of the traffic lights were working. Traffic would have been bad enough, but to make matters worse, there had been a terrible accident going the other way and cars were backed up all the way to Añasco. Thank goodness I was not going in that direction, because they were literally not moving since the road was completely blocked due to the accident. Naturally, the cars on my side of the road were rubbernecking and we were going slowly enough that I could see the smashed vehicles, some blood spots on the road, people crying, and a body bag. I almost threw up in the car when I saw that. Today was not a good day for Mayagüez.

It took me half an hour to get to the cafe, 5 minutes of which I spent just trying to cross traffic to turn into the shopping center since traffic lights weren’t working. This particular shopping center is always crowded, but I have never seen it as crowded as it was today; the only parking spots I managed to find had a shopping cart, so I decided to park in the Puerto Rican-style:

photo (14)

I managed to finish two assignments in a couple of hours at the cafe, and then I left because Glenn texted saying our power was back on. Luckily, the drive home was smooth and the accident had been completely cleaned up.

As the title of this post states, there is never a dull moment down here.

I’ve added new photos, including updated pictures of Glenn’s studio, a private self-defense class he taught on the roof of his building, and Mel’s visit. Take a look.

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One Response to Never a Dull Moment

  1. Laura says:

    Which cafe did you go to? Also, we didn’t have power out on Thursday, so I didn’t even know anything happened. horrible 😦

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