A Shaky Start

It’s Saturday morning. My first and only student of the day is at 1:30 this afternoon (the others cancelled their lessons today). I decided to take a break from homework and enjoy some rare free time. An hour into a movie, two cops knock on our door.

Do you remember the Nissan Altima, our first car that caused us so much grief and drained my bank account during our first few months in Puerto Rico? We had traded it in at the dealership when we bought our current car. For all the money I paid them, they were supposed to change the name over on the title and registration since I was no longer the owner of the car. Apparently, they did not fulfill this responsibility.

So, the cops knock on our door and tell us that we were involved in a hit-and-run on Thursday. What?! It turns out that the current owner of the Nissan hit and killed someone on Thursday, and apparently, MY NAME IS STILL ON THE TITLE AND REGISTRATION. Well, I’m still shaking from the news even though the cops assured me that they will straighten the whole mess out. As I write this, they’re on their way to the dealership to clear my name from ownership of that cursed vehicle. I can’t stop my hands from shaking.

I’ve been in Puerto Rico for 7 months. Let the adventure continue.

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3 Responses to A Shaky Start

  1. Iny says:

    Oh My God!!!!

  2. Marian and Joe LaRusso says:

    OMG ! Even my hands are shaking………….love, Gma

  3. Grandma Heim says:

    Will there never be an end to that lemon of a car? Please tell us when you hear that your name is cleared! Love–and best wishes on this!!!!!
    G&G Heim

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