Ants in Our Pants


Yes, we’re in the tropics and bugs are everwhere. I get that. But in the last 6 months, we have never had an ant problem like this. It all started when our friend, Eileen, who stayed with us for a week in January, brought back a conch shell from the beach that was still full of sand and, apparently, a colony of ants. (Actually, I don’t know if they are ants, because they’re smaller and faster. It’s those little bugs you find crawling all over beached shells on the shore.)

Since Glenn decided to wash out Eileen’s shell in our sink rather than, say, at the beach, that colony of little ants escaped and began to roam our kitchen. Since this didn’t seem to concern anyone else, I had to spend the next week trying to kill them all. I thought I had managed to get them all, because after a couple of weeks, I didn’t see them anymore. But that was just the calm before the storm.

Suddenly, one day, they were everywhere! In the kitchen, on the walls, on the floor in our bedroom, in the bathroom… yup – everywhere. I hadn’t killed them off, they had multiplied! The ant traps we’ve placed strategically around the apartment has helped in the areas they were taking over, but it just causes them to wander to new areas. We can’t leave any dirty dishes in the sink, and we have to be meticulous about cleaning up after using the kitchen. Even one microscopic crumb of food will draw them in swarms. Since we sprayed poison behind our counter and oven, they’ve moved their nest to somewhere in the ceiling. I’ve reached this conclusion due to the fact that I see them crawling in and out of holes in the ceiling in each room. What does that mean? It means they’re now in the foundation of the building. I have a feeling we are going to ultimately lose this battle….

The other day, I had a piece of candy and put the wrapper in my purse because there was no trashcan around. I put the purse in my backpack. The purse was closed, and so was the backpack. Yet the next morning when I opened up my purse, it was full of ants. I couldn’t find their trail, or even any stragglers in the backpack or on the floor or walls. I guess they had planned to set up camp in my purse. I shook it out in the shower and ran water over it to wash them all down the drain.

We’ve been using so much ant spray that I’ve been getting pretty bad headaches, so I’ve switched to just spraying them with multipurpose cleaner, and it’s doing the job nicely without all the toxic fumes lingering in the air. I just feel disgusting walking, standing, and sitting around the apartment, because at this point, probably everything has been sprayed at least once with some kind of chemical.

Who knew one could write so much about an ant infestation?!

On a completely different note, I have some good news: Glenn signed his lease, paid his first month’s rent, and the rest of his equipment is arriving tomorrow. As of Monday, February 23rd, he will officially be in business! And the best part is that he’s already got 8-9 people committed to training with him!

As for me, I’m drowning in homework. (Speaking of which, I need to get back to work.) That’s the update for now.

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4 Responses to Ants in Our Pants

  1. Marian and Joe LaRusso says:

    They may be sand fleas. Instead of spray, which will cause you to have headaches, just keep putting out traps where ever you see them.

  2. Iny says:

    Oh my God – How creepy. I have found Bay Leaves work here for ants. I put them on our patio and all around the house. That has really worked for us. Cheap and no chemicals.

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