Coastal Fitness

The equipment has been ordered! Certifications and licenses are being arranged! Glenn’s private personal training studio (Coastal Fitness) will be in business in just a few weeks from now!

It’s been an exciting week for the both of us. Glenn’s finally realizing his dream of owning his own studio and I’m finally going to get some help with our living expenses! (That being said, we would not have survived this long without the VERY generous gifts of money from our parents and grandparents!)

Tonight at 1:48am (technically Thursday morning), our friend Eileen is arriving and will be staying with us through next Wednesday. We met Eileen in Korea because she was one of the Edutainers (actors/singers) who worked with us at Gyeonggi English Village. She’s had an acting gig out in California for the past six months and is on a break right now, so she decided to come see us. Her birthday is on Friday, so our friends here in Puerto Rico are going to help us throw her a party. Luckily, Glenn isn’t busy yet with his studio and can hang out with her during the day while I teach. My classes start next Tuesday, but I’ll have a decent amount of free time to spend with her until then.

I’m taking three classes this semester. Two of them are completely online, which will be very convenient, and the third meets on campus every Wednesday evening from 6-8:50pm. The classes are Academic Text Writing, Writing Theories, and Research Methods. It sounds like it’s going to be a lot of writing and I doubt it will be as interesting as my classes last semester (Reading in a Second Language and Dramatic Literature), but I’m sure that I’ll learn a lot. It’s strange to think that this time next year, I’ll be starting my last semester of grad school!

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