“Happy” Birthday to Me

30 years old. It’s a big deal. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.

It felt like just an ordinary day; nothing special. I taught my lessons and did some studying before going to the gym. In the evening, Glenn surprised me with a dinner out at a Thai restaurant in Aguadilla, which I have been wanting to try for a while now. We had seen the restaurant when we arrived in Puerto Rico as it’s right next to the airport. We we were on our way last night and we were probably no more than half a mile from it when the car died. Again. For the seventh time in 3 months. And we had just gotten the car back last week from Pep Boys.

We called a tow truck and the guy was able to tow it back to Mayagüez for us. I explained the whole story of our car to the tow truck guy, and I think he took pity on us and wanted to help. His father is a mechanic and happens to live in our neighborhood. For $100 our car was towed to this guy’s house and his father took a look at the engine. Without taking anything apart, he immediately pointed out the problem: the cooling system doesn’t work and there are a couple of parts that need replacing ASAP. I’m convinced now that Pep Boys was either a) totally incompetent, or b) intentionally messing things up so that we would have to keep returning there. Anyway, he gave us a lift back to our apartment, and after not eating dinner because I was too stressed out, and crying my eyes out for an hour, I finally fell asleep and got up at 5am this morning.

The guy has our car today and just called to say that he’s working on getting the parts we need, but that it will be around $200-300. At least it’s cheaper than the $500 I just paid to Pep Boys last week. Unfortunately, between the money I got for my birthday (thank you, everyone!) and the $200 I made last month from the proofreading gig, I’m still going to have to use some of my savings to fix the car again. The good news is that the guy said once we have these parts, since all the other parts inside are new and seem fine, our car should FINALLY work well for a long time after this. The bad news is that I’ve spent most of my savings and can’t afford another semester of school, so now I’m deciding between taking out a loan or dropping the program for a while. It would just be until Glenn is making some money and can help out financially.

So, that was my birthday.

On Friday, we have some friends coming to stay with us for a few days. Glenn and I used to work with the guy and his wife is also a teacher. They’re a bit older and will be looking to retire in a few years, and they are thinking about Puerto Rico because they’ve been so impressed with our pictures. I’ll have to work, but Glenn will be able to show them around here (in their rental car, as I doubt ours will be fixed by then). This time next week, we’ll be on our way to New York for Thanksgiving.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy 30th birthday. Maybe 31 will be happier.

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2 Responses to “Happy” Birthday to Me

  1. shaunwebb says:

    I thought we were the same age! Huh! On everything else, i’m sure things will pick up for you guys! I feel it! Happy birthday, love! Be blessed!

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