La Tempestad

Translation: “The Tempest.” No, I’m not referring to Shakespeare’s play that I wrote a lesson plan for back in September (for one of my classes). Nor am I referring to Hurricane Gonzalo that was supposed to hit Puerto Rico and ended up totally missing us. Just a regular ol’ rain storm today.

See the weather forecast and live satellite image for Puerto Rico: Weather in Puerto Rico

Since the rainy season has been over since the end of September, we really haven’t had much rain at all. Even last week, with the threat of Hurricane Gonzalo, we had clear blue skies every day. This was truly lucky for our friends, Dhaval and Deesha, who came to the island for a one-week vacation. We saw them on Thursday as they had spent the earlier part of the week in the east (San Juan, Fajardo, Culebra, and Vieques). They drove from the east on Thursday morning, had lunch in Ponce (on the south coast) and passed through Mayagüez on their way up to Rincón. They were able to stop by to see our apartment for a few minutes before heading up to Villa Cofresí (per our recommendation). Glenn and I headed up there later on and met up with them. We took them to the Thursday-night Art Walk and then we went back to Villa Cofresí for dinner. They met Eddy, the bartender that Glenn and I met on our very first night in Puerto Rico. Eddy had introduced us to his daughter and son-in-law, who quickly became our good friends and who, coincidentally, moved to Maine that same Thursday. We had hung out several times during the previous weekend and all last week, and we were really sad to see them go.

Now that our friends are all gone, we’re left with a free weekend to catch up on all the work we should have done during the week. Glenn was hired to teach a self-defense class at one of the local gyms, and in order to work as a personal trainer here in Puerto Rico, he has to get re-certified in one of the dozens of personal training certifications out there (which he could easily write himself at this point, and probably do a much better job). He’s been busy studying for that while I’ve been teaching and studying for my own classes. Glenn taught a trial self-defense class on Friday and the feedback was 100% positive. Between teaching self-defense and getting his ducks in a row to start up his own fitness studio, he’s quickly become just as busy as I am.

I’ve taken a ton of pictures in the last two weeks. Click to view them here.

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