Korea 2014

It’s a new year! I’m healthy (knock on wood), I’ve got new eyes (had Lasik 2 weeks ago), and I’m in KOREA! Life is good!

Oh, except for our heating system that only works once in a while. Yes; it’s another long, cold winter, and I sit in my living room watching my breath. To warm up, I’ll occasionally open up the refrigerator. I survive on long, hot showers and sitting directly in front of the space heater, and wrapping myself up in the electric blanket. I’m afraid I don’t really feel sorry for those of you who experienced the polar vortex!

We’re about to finish the third week of winter VIP here at EV, and things have gone great. It’s been a LOT less stressful than last summer’s VIP, and… dare I say… enjoyable? Glenn and I have been working weekends, when the kids mostly chill out in their “house” (designated classroom with the same group of students and teachers every time), which has allowed me to build a rapport with my kids, and even grow to like them! (Elementary is not normally my cup of tea!) Usually, because of the nature of EV, we get a new group of kids every week (and sometimes twice a week). It’s been nice having the same kids every time and being able to get to know them, and learn their names. Even though I ended up in the house with all the naughty little boys (10, 11, and 12-year olds) and there were 3 fights during house time last Sunday alone, I actually kind of like those knuckleheads now. I’ll be disappointed when they have to leave next Friday!

We’re losing yet another teacher this week, but EV is supposedly starting to hire again. It will be interesting to see what happens considering they haven’t made any effort whatsoever to recruit (the last times they had influxes of people, it was because the foreign teachers that were appointed to help HR did all the work posting the ads online). The good news is, we’re in the low season now; we’ll get groups in here and there, but for the most part, things won’t start to pick up again until May and June. And by then, we’ll be gone!

Yes, it’s true: Glenn and I will be leaving EV (and Korea) in just a few short months. We’ve got big plans, though, about which I’ll fill you in later once details are finalized!

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