Good news! I just got off the phone with the company where my bank card was used to make fraudulent purchases. Whoever it is cancelled the orders and not only will my money be credited back to my account, the woman I spoke to will keep the person’s address on file with a red flag so as to prevent he/she from ordering there again!

It will be a happy birthday, after all. 🙂

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  1. I came to this website via typing interyield.jmp9.com in BING. Im currently removing some spyware/malware etc by hand on my mother’s computer for fun. I don’t know why your site was the first link but after reading your post about identity theft. Id suggest making sure that you computer isn’t compromised by some sort of virus (malware, rootkit, Trojan, logger, etc.)

    On the second hand this looks like a pretty cool blog in regards to teaching in Korea. Maybe Ill pass it on to my friend he and I wanted to do that but he’s the only one that has a degree so…he’ll be able to use it likely

    • Hey there! First of all, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and post your comment. I think my laptop has contracted some kind of virus or something via the intranet that we use where I liveand work, and that is notorious for being infested with viruses and such. 😦

      Secondly, thank you kindly for the compliment! I would be honored to gain more readers. If you or your friend have any specific questions or concerns about teaching in Korea, let me know – I would be happy to help! 🙂

      • I’m a single mom, homeschooling. I have lots of education and could easily teach English. How much is childcare in S. Korea? Could I make enough money teaching to pay for housing and living plus childcare? Thank you! Marcia B.

      • Hi there! Thanks for your comments. I’m afraid I’m not the right person to ask about childcare in SK because I do not have any children. I know nothing about childcare here. Most employers here provide free housing, and I am able to put half my paycheck into savings every month. That means you may have a good chance of being to save a lot here as well, if your biggest expenses are food and childcare. I’m sorry this wasn’t the answer you were hoping for, but I hope it helps.

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