English Village in Autumn

I’m currently sitting on my couch, wearing two layers of clothes and covered with an electric blanket. This, my friends, is the fall/autumn “season” in Korea.

Yes, summer was hot and humid. But it wasn’t that hot, and it didn’t last for very long (2 months, tops). Last year’s winter, based on monthly temperatures, felt like it lasted from October (when I arrived) until May, making it an 8-month long season.

What about spring, you ask? Sorry… I’m not familiar with the term.

Just kidding! (Sort of!) There were maybe two weeks of pleasant/”spring”-like weather in mid-June, but that isn’t much of a transition from dry, bitter cold to humid, oppressive heat. Oh, and that was the monsoon season so it rained the entire time.

What we’re currently experiencing is the reverse: we had a couple weeks of pleasant/”fall”-like weather, without rainfall, which everyone was very grateful for. Unfortunately, everyone’s had to turn on the heat and start wearing winter clothing already, and it isn’t even November yet!

That bit of depressing news aside, all is well in EV these days. We’re losing 3 more teachers next week, but we’re all adjusting to the small number of staff and have stopped freaking out about it. We have come to expect longer days with more teaching hours and bigger classes. We had a couple of long weeks because we had large numbers of students and too few teachers, but from what I understand, things will quiet down starting next week. Next month, we’ll have 2 military weeks and that will be a nice change from middle-schoolers.

My last bit of news is that I’m feeling better after having finished the course of antibiotics prescribed by the doctor in Itaewon. Glenn had a horrible cold last week and still has a residual cough from it, and he’s not the only one; it’s going around EV. Sadly, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll fall ill monthly and will perpetually be sick while I’m in Korea. It’s inevitable.

For those who know what lab results mean, take a look and let me know if you see anything abnormal/irregular. The doctor said everything looks fine to him:

Lab results

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