Vacation Time

First, the bad news:

I’m sick again. Same as last time. On meds again, this time allergy pills since my body can’t take any more antibiotics. (Sigh)

Now, the good news:

Great news, actually; I’m going on vacation!!! 11 months after arriving in Korea (basically a year), working on Christmas, New Year’s, and the week-long Korean holiday (Seollal) in February… I am FINALLY going to have a break!!! Glenn and I are going to Boracay in the Philippines on Friday after work and will be there for 8 days. On the 22nd, we’ll be going to Cebu for 4 days. I will take a ton of pictures and blog about it when we return!

In the meantime, please feel free to browse my pictures and note that I’ve added a couple to the “Glenn’s birthday” gallery on my Photos 2013 page. I’m also going to add a link on my blogroll that I would really like for all of you to take the time to read at some point during the next couple of weeks, while I’m away. It explains everything that I’ve been dying to blog about but have refrained from doing so for fear of offending my readers. On the other hand, it would be impossible for me to describe what it’s like being an foreigner in Korea, so it wouldn’t do much good to blog about it, anyway. However, to truly understand how “we” feel here in Korea, this article is the best-written piece I’ve read on the matter. So, please, read it over and feel free to comment below if you have any comments, thoughts, or questions about it. I would be happy to engage in a discussion about it.

Here is the link:

One more thing before I wrap this up: A few weeks ago, my blog hit 10,000 views and I forgot to say “thank you” then, so I’m saying it now: Thank you for following my blog!

My next post will be 2 weeks from now, when I return from the Philippines. Until then…! 🙂

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