Maybe it’s Time to Leave Korea…?

Annyong haseyo, everyone.

I’m afraid this post will be a bit of a Debbie-downer.

My throat hurts. Again, and always. I worked 3 12-hour days last week, in an extremely stressful and negative environment. We are totally understaffed, forcing us all to teaching double classes at times (I was stuck by myself with 36 middle-schoolers, and Admin had the nerve to ask me to give the one girl individual attention because her level was so much higher than the rest). I think that the long hours and constant use of my voice has left me in this condition, plus the fact that I probably wasn’t fully recovered from my tonsillectomy when I finally went back to work. Despite my promising visit to the hospital two Fridays ago, and the fact that I think the new antibiotic has helped a lot with my swollen glands all over my neck and jaw, nothing can substitute proper recovery time.

It also doesn’t help that I didn’t get to sleep until 5:50am Saturday morning because Glenn *had* to Skype with his friend for 3 hours starting at 2:30am.

Below is a picture of my throat as it currently is. There is a giant white bubble with pus dripping down the back of my throat. It looks worse now than it has for the past 10 months, but it actually doesn’t hurt as badly as it did when I had the peritonsillar abscesses and was recovering from the tonsillectomy (that was THE absolute worst!). However, I’m hoping that someone in the medical field reads this blog and can message me to let me know his/her thoughts… because, clearly, the Korean doctors can’t figure out what’s going on with me. Maybe a friend or family member could print out the picture and bring it to their doctor for me. If it sounds like I’m desperate, it’s because I am.

I was told that I’ll be offered a 3-month contract once mine ends in early October. I have mixed feelings about this; I’ll be glad for the chance to stay while Glenn finishes out his contract, but at the same time, I desperately need a break from teaching – or any job that requires use of my voice, for that matter. I’m not sure what to do at this point, because I want to resign and have the stability of an income until Glenn and I leave Korea, but at the same time, being here is clearly not good for me. I’m also afraid to travel because I don’t want my condition to get worse.

‘Tis quite the pickle.


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8 Responses to Maybe it’s Time to Leave Korea…?

  1. take care. Have you tried guggling with apple cider?

  2. zimzimmie1 says:

    that is a tough call – I think you really should do what’s best for YOU right now and consider at least a short break. Maybe ask to start the 3 mo contract after a week off? 1 week without pay might not set you back too much financially AND would give you time to rest and heal.

  3. Emily Breault says:

    hi Rachel its Emily i wish i had some advice i’ll look into it but i hope it gets better
    and thank you so much for the Christmas present!
    we’ve tried to text you but it was a Korean man I think lol (we went on Google translate to find out what he was saying and well he said it wasn’t you :P)
    and the time difference is so far apart if we called the number that you left us with at around noon or dinner it is probable the middle of the night there :/
    anyway hope you get better and a big hello from the Breault’s

    • Wow! It is so good to hear from you guys! Thanks so much for reading my blog and for taking the time to post a comment. That’s funny about texting the Korean man! 🙂 I’m sure he enjoyed getting texts from Canada! If you would like to try and Skype sometime, it will be free for us to talk. I miss you guys and hope we can talk soon!

  4. Emily Breault says:

    We would love to skype! and did you get a new phone number when you moved?
    i sure do miss you ALOT!
    and what is the time difference?

    • Yup, I have a new phone number now! It’s a Korean phone so it might be really expensive to call, which is why Skyping would be great! The time difference is 13 hours! If you send me an email then we can figure out a time for a Skype date. 🙂

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