What is “Koreaster”? Why, it’s a clever combination of “Korea” and “Easter.”

To be honest, I didn’t even realize that Easter was this weekend until Friday during devo. You see, last week was the busiest, craziest week that I have experienced thus far at English Village, and my first free moment to sit and think was Friday afternoon (and that was only because the one group of students mysteriously disappeared after lunch). Okay, they didn’t mysteriously disappear; it turns out they went shopping and our Head Teacher had forgotten to take them off the schedule. It was a nice surprise to have 2 hours of devo after lunch. I know that’s usually the norm, but last week, we were lucky if we got 2 hours all day. On Wednesday, my free time (besides lunch) totaled 20 minutes.

The reason our schedule was so packed last week was the various groups that were in and out throughout the week. We had 2 groups of elementary students and one group of middle schoolers from Japan arrive Monday morning (at different times, mind you), and meanwhile, we still had the Thai students here. Some of the classes were combined, but others were not. Tuesday, we had a fourth Japanese group join us. Wednesday, one of the Japanese groups left, but we got 3 civil servants from Ansan arrive (EARLY!!!). That afternoon, the Thai kids went on a field trip and a Korean group came for the afternoon. Thursday, all of the groups were there. Friday, they were all there again but as I mentioned above, the one group had decided to go shopping and cancelled their afternoon classes, and the civil servants went home after lunch. The same Korean group came for the afternoon again, but we luckily mixed them with a Japanese class.

None of that sounds too bad, right? Well, we had no idea what we were teaching each day because things changed constantly and we would get our daily schedule in the morning meeting. However, the schedule changed every hour (or sometimes more often and had to be communicated via phone call or text message) and our Administration screwed up several times, which was also forcing us to constantly be changing the schedule. Like I said, it was the busiest/craziest week I’ve experienced here so far.

This coming week, we’ll have 150 students from Monday-Wednesday, and then they leave and another group of 80-90 students is coming and leaving Friday. After that, there isn’t much booked until June! So, things will slow down again, and Glenn and I plan on taking advantage of the slow weeks, and we’ll start to use some vacation days since the weather is warming up a bit.

Next weekend we’re going to Daegu, which is about a 3-hour train ride from Paju, for a rugby tournament. Also for a rugby tournament, Glenn will be going to Shanghai at the end of the month, but I will not be accompanying him (I didn’t want to waste $400 to watch rugby in a country I’ve never been to before and have no time for sight-seeing). I’ll have to find something fun to do here that weekend.

No new pictures for now, but I have updated most of my other pages and added some new links for you to check out.

Happy Easter and Passover!

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