Is It Spring Yet?!

Hello everyone, I’m afraid I didn’t keep my word and post more frequently than once every couple of weeks. In all honesty, though, I haven’t had much to blog about since the pre-MBA program ended. The weekend it ended, Glenn and I took it easy and recovered from the 3 long weeks we worked. Last week, we didn’t have a program, which means it was a full week of devo. Supposedly, this week we were going to start a 3-month program for university students (those who are either putting it off or taking a year off for whatever reason), but nobody signed up for it. That means this will be another week of devo. On the one hand, it’s been a nice break from how busy we were with the pre-MBA program, but on the other hand, having nothing to do gets boring after a day or two.

The weather has been slowly starting to warm a little. Last week, we had a couple days around 0 (32 degrees F), and this week it’s going to be pretty much the same thing. It’s felt so warm in comparison to the bitter cold we experienced from November until now (never in my life did I imagine that 0 degrees would feel warm!) and today the sun was out all afternoon, so me and some of my co-workers from Special Programs sat out in the sun for about half an hour.

Over the weekend, I took Glenn to Heyri Art Village because he hadn’t been there yet. It’s literally across the street from English Village – you can see it from inside EV – and getting to the center of Heyri was about a 15-minute walk. I had only been to Heyri a handful of times myself, and never had I seen it as crowded as it was this past Saturday. I imagine it’s because it was a little warmer outside. Anyway, we walked around and looked at all the neat architecture and random statues scattered throughout the village. We had dinner at a dinky little Turkish restaurant (and probably the only non-Korean restaurant in all of Heyri) and the servings were so small that we went for a second dinner at the Korean restaurant next to Emart. Sunday morning, we went back to Heyri for brunch and then had Shabu Shabu (more Korean) for dinner. It may not have been the most exciting of weekends, but we ate a lot of good food and at least managed to get out of English Village.

Next weekend, Glenn has rugby practice in Seoul and I’ll meet up with my friend, Jenny, who I met in Canada last year. As the weather gradually gets warmer, I’m sure we’ll continue to venture more into Seoul, Ilsan, and other places in Korea. (It’s kind of cool that we can get to the other side of the country in about 5 hours by train.)

In more exciting news, Glenn and I have booked tickets to the Philippines in September! We’re going with a few other co-workers, so it should be a lot of fun. We will go the week during Chuseok (that’s the holiday after which I arrived last October) and Glenn and I are hoping to take another week off afterwards to continue from the Philippines on to Singapore, and from there, we can catch a boat to Indonesia, and then to Malaysia. All the countries are so close together down there, and dirt-cheap to go to when starting in the Philippines. At some point that second week, or the week after, we’re hoping to meet up with Dhaval who will be coming from visiting Deesha in Sri Lanka!

I’ll say goodbye now so that I can post the pictures I took the last couple of weekends. Please take a look!
Gwen’s Birthday

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