Election Day

Wednesday was Election Day here in South Korea, and the country has elected Park Geun-hye, the first female president. That is pretty significant considering Korea is a very patriarchal society. The elections didn’t get nearly the hype that the American elections got, and that’s why I forgot it was Election Day and walked 25 minutes to the post office just to realize that it was closed for the day. Luckily, Emart was open.

I guess schools were closed, because Emart was a zoo – there were kids everywhere! Even at 2:00 in the afternoon. It’s bad enough shopping during peak shopping hours back home, but here, it’s awful! My patience was tested time after time because Koreans don’t consider bumping into you or cutting you off to be rude, which means they won’t apologize for it either. They don’t look where they move their cart, and if it hits you or cuts you off, too bad – you just have to wait for them to move, however long that may be. Remind me never to shop on a busy day again.

Today, Thursday, I spent the day cleaning the apartment and then I bought some last-minute food from the little Emart… all in preparation for Glenn’s arrival! (On a side note, when I was picking out beer and coffee for Glenn, I realized why our grocery bills are so high: he has some expensive habits.) I made dinner and had it ready to heat up so that after I met him at the gate, we were able to eat right away. When I saw the taxi pull up to the gate, I was so excited! He got out and gave me a big hug! Then I got into the taxi with him and directed the driver to our apartment. It was kind of funny doing that just because it reminded me so much of my arrival: Jennifer met me at the gate, hopped into the taxi with me, and guided the driver to the apartment. That really wasn’t that long ago, but somehow it feels so long ago! I can’t believe how much I’ve learned in the last 2.5 months… we’ve had several new people start in the last couple of weeks, and I’ve been able to help them out and answer their questions just as others did for me when I was new. It’s strange to think that I’m no longer a newbie!

After we ate, Glenn had a shower and then went to bed. He wasn’t able to sleep on the plane and hadn’t slept for 36 hours! I hope he can sleep through the night because we’ve got 8 straight days of work ahead of us. Hopefully, they will be fun days. Tomorrow is Friday, which means classes in the morning and then meetings all afternoon. I don’t know what programs we’ll have this weekend, but I do know that Sunday afternoon we’re going to help with the Christmas event (I’m imagining something similar to the Halloween event… only, Christmas instead of Halloween). Saturday is Lila’s birthday and we’ll be going into Seoul for dinner… I’m hoping that Glenn isn’t too jet-lagged to join us. Jumping ahead to next week, we don’t have a program and will have easy days of devo for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. Monday night, some of us are getting together to celebrate Christmas and possibly going into Seoul for dinner again.  It’s going to be a good weekend/week for Glenn to kick off his Korean adventure! I’m just glad that he’s here! 🙂

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3 Responses to Election Day

  1. Alice says:

    YEAH! I’m so happy that your Christmas present has arrived!! Even though he’s tired, I know you two will have a nice Christmas together!
    Love, Mom

  2. marian LaRusso says:

    Glenn arriving in time for Xmas has made all of us so happy.
    Merry Christmas to both of you……Much love, Gma and Gpa

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