Too Cold for Fall

It has been incredibly cold since last week when it snowed! Oh man! Can you believe that it has been 0°F these past few days?! (That’s -16°C!) Unfortunately, the heating vents in all the buildings in EV are in the CEILING!!! There are 3 major problems with that:

1. That means that whenever I’m at home, I have to have the heat on full-blast and KEEP it on because the minute I turn it off, the cold air pushes the heat right back up to the ceiling, and after a few minutes, it’s completely cold again.

2. The air is incredibly dry and blows on me all night, so despite my best efforts to keep my skin moisturized, I always wake up with flaky skin peeling off my face.

3. The heat is EXPENSIVE! I know, I know… I don’t pay rent and have no right to complain. The issue is that we don’t pay for what we use; everyone living in the same building splits the bill equally. So, while I try to conserve energy (and my bank account) by turning off the heat when I’m not at home, if others leave theirs on then I will have to pay a portion of it. Because it’s so expensive, most people try to stick with space heaters… but people like me, who live in the larger apartments (especially the ones on the ground floor that don’t get any of the rising heat), and whose flooring is all bathroom tiles (yes, really), NEED to use the heat if we are to survive the winter! And yes, I do realize that it isn’t officially winter yet and that we still have a long way to go.

Suck it up and just use the space heater, you say? Let me tell you a little story:

Two days ago, I came home from work and was hungry, so I decided to get cooking right away and have my dinner sooner rather than later. As I opened the fridge to grab some veggies to chop, I realized that it was warmer inside the refrigerator than it was in my apartment. That is how cold my apartment is when the heat is on, and THAT is why a dinky little space heater just doesn’t cut it!

Well, enough of my griping about the cold (rest assured, though, that I will gripe more in later posts!). The weekend? Boring. Nice families, but few teaching hours and that means a lot of devo. By Sunday afternoon, I was so sick of devo, that I went and made muffins and brought them back for everybody. I’d wished I had picked something that takes longer to make. I did get a lot done, though; I just get sick of sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end.

Sunday evening was my first salsa class, and I had 5 people come to it. Several of the Edutainers had wanted to come but had work to do, so I’m hoping they will be able to make it next Sunday. It was fun and everyone worked up a bit of a sweat, which actually felt great considering it was the only time any of us were warm/comfortable all weekend.

This week, there are a few Special Programs going on, and lucky me, I got to work with the university students! They’re from a Physical Therapy school and although they are very nice, their English level is quite low and the lessons that had been prepared for them ended up being wayyy over their heads. However, none of that was a problem because I enjoy working with lower level adults and I like being creative with how I teach. So, I improvised the whole time! The best part was that I had a class to myself and didn’t have a coteacher, and I got to do whatever I wanted! I think my students really learned a lot and got something out of my lessons. Too bad they leave tomorrow and Friday, when I’m back at work, I’ll be teaching elementary school kids again. I prefer an older audience. 🙂

Can you believe that I haven’t made it to the post office yet?! Shame on me, right? Well, tomorrow I will FINALLY venture out and find it! One of my readers commented on one of my posts and included directions to finding my nearest post office, and I will indeed attempt to find it! I might also go to the big Emart and get some final items that I need for the apartment, since Glenn will be joining me in a little under 2 weeks! (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Sorry, no fun plans to go into Seoul anytime soon. I hope my posts won’t be too dry/boring. Once Glenn is here, I’ll take him all over the city and check out some places that I’ve been waiting on until he arrives (and yes, take many, many pictures!).

Oh, one bit of exciting news: My friend, Jenny, who I met at the YMCA in Brantford and became my good friend, got a teaching job in Seoul and will be coming to Korea in February!!! Not only will I have a good friend of mine in Korea, but I’ll be off weekends by then and can spend entire weekends in Seoul with her! I’m incredibly excited!!!

That’s it for now. Now to take a hot shower and put on my thermal pajamas before crawling under 3 blankets for the night….

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2 Responses to Too Cold for Fall

  1. Grandpa and Grandma Heim says:

    Hey, it’s great to see Glenn in the pictures now. We know you’re enjoying the get-acquainted process and hope you’ll continue to enjoy your work there. The 2012 pictures are wonderful; we enjoyed seeing your Village both inside and out (in the snow). It looks as if Christmas presents were a big hit. (Glenn now sports glasses!)

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