White Weekend

Yup, we got even MORE snow on Friday, but today it stopped and it was actually sunny out. The sun melted some of it where the GEV crew had shoveled and the rest of the village still has a few inches of snow. It is very pretty and I have posted MANY new pictures on my “Photos” page! (I added a few to the October album and created a November album.)

Friday, being my Monday, was a little different from “normal” Fridays. Normally, students stay the whole week and have 1 language class Friday mornings before the Closing Ceremony. However, we had special programs this week and the students we had on Friday had only arrived Thursday, so to give them more class time, we actually did Content Area lessons first thing in the morning. It felt strange to cook at 9:00am on a Friday, and was more work than any of us were used to! They were elementary school kids and we had them for the full 3 hours in cooking, and by the end, I swore to myself that I will never take an elementary teaching position. They can’t do anything on their own and just do NOT listen! (Mom, I don’t know how you do it!) I like elementary kids, but for just an hour at a time… after 3 hours, I was burnt out and struggled to maintain patient. Needless to say, I was glad that they went home after lunch.

There were a ton of meetings Friday afternoon, including one for my club I’m running for VIP. However, I had just been taken out of OWP and put into Special Programs for VIP, so I can’t run the club anymore. Shanti kindly agreed to take over for me. So, Glenn and I will be doing Special Programs and will hopefully get a chance to work with some adults throughout VIP (the entire month of January). I’m hoping they will keep us on after VIP is over, too, because people in SP (Special Programs) never have to work weekends, AND we would get to work with adults! In fact, next week I volunteered to be moved to SP since they have a lot of groups coming and need extra help. For the most part, I’ll be working with university students! I’m quite excited about that!

We got a couple of new people this week, one of whom is American and lived in Mexico for several years and married a Mexican woman, who came with him to Korea. Those of us in the Spanish Club are hoping they will both join us! The other new guy came with his wife, too, but I don’t know anything about her. Both of these new couples have young children – infants, actually, one being 5 months old and the other 8 months old, if I remember correctly. Also, the woman who helped me settle in when I arrived, Jennifer, just had her baby on the 3rd of December and came home from the hospital today. Apparently, it’s the first time that GEV has families living and working here, and oddly enough, we just acquired 3 of them all at once. GEV certainly seems like a strange place to raise a kid.

News about Glenn: he went to the consulate on Thursday and was told he needed ANOTHER sealed transcript. So, he ordered it and it should arrive at the consulate either Monday or Tuesday. Glenn was told that after that, it will only take a couple of days to process the visa. If everything goes according to the timeline they gave him, he should have his visa by this time next week!!!

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah, and instead of having another epic Hanukkah party like I did last year in Brantford, I’m at home by myself, watching Christmas movies! There is a channel that streams Christmas movies 24/7 and I am truly addicted to watching it!

Tomorrow, after work, is the first of a weekly salsa class I’m teaching. I’ve had several people bug me to start up a salsa dance class, and I finally gave in. I know there is a lot of interest and I’m thinking it will be a good turnout.

Well, that’s it for now. Check out my photos and stay tuned for more! 🙂

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