Winter in Korea

Tiiiiiick tock, tiiiiiiick tock, counting down the Christmas clock! (That one’s for you, Dad!)

Well, it’s snowing again! It’s been snowing since about 10:00 this morning and hasn’t stopped (it is now 3:00pm). It looks we’ve already accumulated a couple of inches, though it’s hard to say exactly since I am still in bed, in my pajamas. 🙂 I worked a loooong day yesterday and decided to let myself be completely lazy today, and it feels GREAT! To make it even better, I’ve been snacking on cookies that I made yesterday and watching Christmas movies since I woke up. Coziness+cookies+snow+Christmas movies=awesome day!

It was another long weekend for me because again, we had no programs going on. However, instead of devo, I was assigned to do the outdoor activity (which means I went back and forth between sitting in City Hall waiting for children to come in to do a coloring activity, and greeting people over in “Immigration”). As long and boring as it felt, at least it was a change from full days of devo, and I was able to study Korean and write some postcards during that time. Now that I can read Korean, I need to start building my vocabulary. I worked on it a bit with my Korean-Spanish Club on Sunday evening (which we have dubbed “Sponglish” – Korean+Spanish+English.) 🙂

This week, we have a few different programs going on: all elementary kids, but coming and leaving at different times. We don’t have huge groups, though, which means that we teachers have easy schedules. In fact, on both Monday and Tuesday, I taught 3 hours each day and had devo the rest of the day (which is more fun during the week since there are more people to hang out with). I did cooking with the kids both days. Monday, we did chocolate chip cookies, which were slightly disastrous because the dough was really sticky and the kids had to knead it with their hands. Well, you can imagine the result! It all turned out just fine though, after extra flour was added and hands were washed. 🙂 Tuesday went slightly better in terms of it being disastrous; we made snickerdoodles and the dough was a little easier to handle. Plus, I made to sure tell them to touch the dough ONLY if their hands were dry. I admit that my limited experience with younger kids prevents me from thinking of such things beforehand. I apparently must learn the hard way. 🙂

After cooking yesterday, I had an hour of devo before dinner, but we had a lot of leftover melted butter that I didn’t want to waste, and so I stayed and made more cookies and cheese biscuits during devo AND dinner time, then had to go back to work for the evening activity. I signed up for the Special Programs’ evening activities this week, which means we played games with the kids instead of them just watching a movie. I did it both Monday and Tuesday and was utterly exhausted by the time I finished last night (Tuesday). I still had to go back to the cooking room and clean up after myself, and I got back to my place around 9:30pm. How’s that for a “Friday” night? I think a lazy day today was definitely in order!

I was going to meet a friend tonight that I met through Andy and Lucy, but coming from the DC area (where school is cancelled at the first sign of snow), I don’t feel like venturing out in this weather. It’s going to be a cozy-up-with-cookies-and-movies kind of night. Tomorrow, though, my Spanish Club is going to Seoul for Mexican food!

In other news, Glenn received his visa issuance number! If he goes tomorrow (Wednesday), then by next Wednesday he will have his visa and then can book his ticket! We are looking to have him arrive by Wednesday, December 19th (he’s only waiting that long so that he can be home for his brother’s birthday).

As always, I will keep y’all updated! In the meantime, here are some photos to tide you over until I update my photo gallery:


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One Response to Winter in Korea

  1. Alice La Russo says:

    Your Christmasy day sounds wonderful! And yeah for Glenn’s visa for FINALLY getting close to being ready. I’m guessing he can’t wait to get there since you’ve done a good bit of baking! 🙂
    Love, Mom

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