It snowed today! Just a little, and it didn’t stick. We are supposedly getting “real” snow this coming Wednesday + Thursday!

It started out as just a regular Friday: 2 classes in the morning, then the students left. We were all sad that Military Week #2 came to an end because the soldiers really are a lot of fun to teach. I am bummed that I’m a weekender and couldn’t have had them all week, but I believe there is another Military program in the summer, so I will look forward to that. (Next week we’ll be getting elementary school students, which is still a nice break from the middle schoolers.)

Afternoon meetings were boring, as usual, but things picked up during Content Area meetings because someone noticed that it was snowing outside and then the air was thick with excitement. We had to finish our meetings, but being in the coolest Content Area, our Leader took us outside and then we frolicked – yes, really- for a good 5 minutes before we went back inside. (There is actually a photo and video of me frolicking – the photo is on my homepage now and I will try to get the video to post!) While frolicking, one of my colleagues was walking up from the back gate and yelled that I had a package waiting for me. Snow? Package? Christmas came early this year!

I got the package and opened it up inside before our next meeting started. It was from my parents and there were 3 gifts inside. I knew what the one was and opened it immediately: A CAMERA!!! As you know, my old camera broke during my first week in Korea and I was SO bummed about that because I love to take pictures to document my travels, and it’s been killing me that I’ve had to rely on other people for that. Finally, I’ll be able to take my own and post them on my blog regularly for all of you to enjoy! 🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH, MOM AND DAD!!!

The snow had stopped before Rene had gotten to see it, and I believe she was really disappointed because being South African, she has never seen snow before. Luckily, it started up again after our last meeting and I was able to document her first snow by taking a picture with my new camera! What a perfect way to end the day!

Now, I have to figure out how to get over to Geumchon. Instead of braving a new bus in the dark and snow, I’ll probably just splurge and take a taxi. We got paid today, after all! 🙂

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4 Responses to SNOW

  1. marian LaRusso says:

    If it snows, heavily, during the week, Please wear a hat. Haha.
    Even grandparents can give orders……………………Lots of love…………..

  2. Wow! Jealous that you got snow! Here in Geoje the last time it snowed was like 4 years ago…and then the last time before that was 7 years ago.

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