Have You Seen My Kimbap?

Pop quiz: What is kimbap?

Do you remember?


Give up?

It’s basically the Korean version of sushi rolls. My weekend coordinator had bought some and had extra, and when she saw me in the office during devo, she gave one to me. It was vegetarian and I gladly accepted the free, fish-less snack! However, I misplaced it at some point during the morning and in the afternoon I found it as I was checking one of the classrooms. Everyone laughed at me and I knew that somewhere in there was the title of my next post. 🙂

This is not a typical week here at GEV; instead of the week-long program, we have different groups here that arrived on different days and are leaving on different days. OWP teachers had devo all day yesterday (Monday) because our kids arrived today. However, one of the Special Programs teachers was sick and I got to fill in for him. I offered because I knew the day would go by a lot faster if I was teaching instead of sitting in the office all day. They’re elementary school students and quite lovely – their English level is higher than we typically get with the OWP middle schoolers, and being in elementary school, they were really excited to be here and showed a lot of enthusiasm in every class. One of the little boys told me I look like a movie star. (I know he’s only 8, but hey, I’ll take the compliment!) Since I was filling in for someone else, I taught in a different Content Area and the lesson I did with another teacher was on rhythm and music. I loved it! It was so much fun! It’s kind of a shame that we don’t get to experience other Content Areas (don’t they know that variety is the spice of life?). I volunteered for the evening activity, which was a series of games instead of just watching a movie. It was fun but I was REALLY tired and was just totally wiped by the time I got back to my apartment. I was so tired that I asked Glenn if we could postpone our Skype date until later in the week – I just wanted to go to bed. (He very nicely said that that was okay.) 🙂

Today, the OWP kids arrived and it was the usual routine: orientation in the morning (I had devo, though) and then classes after lunch. Even though everything went well, I was pretty tired by dinner time and I decided to work out and make dinner after the evening activity (yup, I volunteered 2 nights in a row. By the way, it’s not actually “volunteering” because we do get paid). The workout was good – I wasn’t really hungry, anyway, and it helped warm me up. It’s been very cold here and tonight after I clocked out, I actually slipped on a puddle from yesterday’s rain that had frozen over. It’s THAT cold! Anyway, the evening activity was a movie (which required a lot less energy on my part, thank goodness) and I just got back to my apartment, had a bite to eat, and then decided to write this post.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day: first of all, it’s my Saturday, and secondly, it’s Rene’s birthday! We’ll be leaving GEV around noon and heading downtown for an afternoon of shopping (we need rain/winter gear) and then we’re going to dinner at a nice Italian restaurant. I think Shanti and Chris might be coming as well (though they will have to leave early enough to catch the last bus to Paju seeing as they have to work tomorrow) and my Korean friends, Andy and Lucy, will be joining us. We will probably have to stay the night at a cheap motel/hostel… otherwise, we’ll have to catch the last bus at 11:00pm back to Paju. Thursday, we’re planning on finally going to Costco. I’ve already spent a lot of money at the big Emart the other day, but I will be getting a turkey for Thanksgiving (if they have it) and all the fixin’s for the 22nd. I think it’s going to be a fun “weekend”!

I’m also excited that tomorrow is Election Day back home! The suspense is killing me!

Good news: my medical check-up is FINALLY scheduled for this Friday. (It only took them 4.5 weeks!) After that’s done, I can apply for my ARC (Alien Resident Card) and then be able to get a phone, do online banking, and all kinds of other fancy things. I’ll be an official resident of South Korea!

My next post will be about my “weekend” in Seoul for Rene’s birthday and, hopefully, some more photos!

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