Today’s post won’t be as long or as interesting as the others because the past couple of days haven’t been too eventful. After going to Seoul on Saturday, we all spent Sunday cleaning our apartments and just relaxing before beginning the new work week. I finished unpacking and organizing the rest of my things, and made a list of all the things I need to get for the apartment after I get my first paycheck. Though it’s pretty bare in here, it’s the largest and cleanest place I’ve ever lived in. I think it will be the perfect size for me and Glenn.

Today, Monday, was the start of the new week, and it’s a regular week, which means our new students arrived and we started with orientation this morning. I was given my own class, which means I am officially “working” and no longer “training.” Our students this week are middle school girls, majority Korean but we have one group from Thailand. We all were thinking the girls would be unenthusiastic and uncooperative, but they are actually very sweet and show a lot of excitement in class! We were all pleasantly surprised!

After lunch I was given an hour off to go to the bank and set up my bank account, since the bank lady is only here from 1:30-3pm every day (yes, everyone is at work at that time… I just shake my head and don’t question these things), but she never showed up. I taught one class after that, then had the next hour off again for devo (“development” – planning period). I chatted with Ben, my CAL (Content Area Leader) and caught up on email. Once I really get into the swing of things, I’m thinking of joining the committee that develops lesson plans and/or the committee that develops games and activities for students. Most people don’t volunteer for these things, but I would much rather have something to work on during devo than just sit and surf the Internet like the majority of my colleagues.

I had one more class after devo, which was a lot of fun. The girls had made frittatas and so the last hour they spent eating, washing dishes, and doing a word search in their books. I really can’t believe I get paid to do this!

After we took the girls to dinner and clocked out, Rene and Zaaid walked me to my apartment and they came in to see the place. They stayed for a few minutes and we chatted, but they left soon after since we were all hungry and wanted to get some dinner. I ate in the cafeteria and then came back and did laundry for the first time since arriving in Korea. Dryers, I believe, do exist here, but are not common and therefore everyone uses a regular washing machine to wash their clothes, and dries them on a drying rack. I washed only a small load of my clothes but they still took up the entire drying rack, which means Glenn and I will be doing laundry separately and on different days.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, but it’s my Friday, since I’m starting my new schedule this week and I’ll be off Wednesday-Thursday. The day should go well tomorrow and then I’ll probably find something to do Tuesday night with Rene and Zaaid since it’ll be the weekend for us.

That’s it for now. 🙂

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